As I started writing this post my machine blue screened.Something that it hasn’t done in a while and something that’s been much better after making a little change to windows that helped with errors.


Windows10 does updates relentlessly, you can’t stop them end of story.

Your only option is to delay them. This is something windows10 can do by simply selecting one tick box in the right place.

Windows10 updates have in recent time been as buggy as Samsung’s now dead Note7. Some of the more prolific failure have been things like the network failing after an update and thus not being able to connect to the internet for a fix. Machine with their system restore enabled was able to recover by simply rolling back, but I had one that did have this on and it took hours to fix.

Having you machine update and then not work is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in your day. So it is important that when updates do happen ( and remember they are going to happen ) you want as little chance as possible to have them ruin your day.

Delaying update do this by having you machine not update till a few weeks after an update’s been released. So if there is a bad one they can recall and reissue it before it hits your machine. Microsoft have a history of releasing unfinished software and then patching with updates as they go.

To defer updates do the following.

Click the windows start button.
start typing ” Update Settings”
it will show you ” Windows Update Settings”
Select this and it will show you this screen.

Update settings

Updates Settings





Select advanced options,
On the following screen tick defer updates.

Advanced options

Advanced Options

close the window and you’re all done.

As I said at the start I still had a blue screen so it doesn’t fix all your problems.
but they become much less frequent.

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