Woman’s BlackBerry stops stray bullet

A Dayton woman escaped injury when a stray bullet hit her BlackBerry and not her.

“The BlackBerry was in the right place at the right time and the bullet hit her in the right spot,” explained Butler Twp. Police Capt. Carl Bush.

Bush said Anthony Holtvogt was with his girlfriend at Fricker’s restaurant on Miller Lane Feb. 6, 2010 when he accidentally shot her.

Bush said Holtvogt, who has a concealed carry permit, was putting on his jacket when the gun discharged.

“While he was adjusting his jacket, he noticed that the slide was back on the gun and then it fired,” Bush said. “The bullet did not penetrate the cell phone. [It] bent the cell phone a little bit and made the cell phone unusable.”

Thanks to the bulletproof BlackBerry, the woman walked away with just a hole in her pants and a bruise on her leg.

No one else in the restaurant was injured.

Holtvogt will be charged with possession of a firearm in a liquor permit premise.

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